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Fanny the Flapper Whimsie Doll

Fanny the Flapper Whimsie Doll

The Whimsies are an outrageous series of dolls made by American Character during the early 1960's. There were more than a dozen dolls altogether. They have odd pear-shaped bodies with skinny limbs, and comical character faces. And they truly were characters, all of them a bit on the shady side.

This is Fanny the Flapper in her backless halter style dress and wearing all her favorite jewelry. Fanny is in near mint condition with her original box. The box shows some shelf wear but that's understandable since Fanny is more than 50 years old now.

The Whimsies are approximately 20 inches tall. Their body is one piece latex and the head is vinyl with rooted hair. Fanny is marked on her neck with a round American Character logo that says: WHIMSIES Amer. Doll & Toy. The body is marked Whimsies, Amer. Doll & Toy, 19(c)60. CLICK HERE for more information about the American Character Whimsies Dolls.