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2001 Annalee Doll

2001 Annalee Doll

Annalee dolls were designed by Barbara Annalee Davis Thorndike who was involved with dollmaking almost her entire life. She was born in 1915 and died in 2002.

Annalee started her doll business in the 1950's, with her husband Chip as the salesman. The dolls were handmade and even when she hired staff to help her they continued to work out of their homes for many years.

During the 1970's Annalee introduced her popular Mice creations. By the 1980's Annalee's dolls were very popular and collectible.

ANNALEE Dolls are made of felt with a wire armature. They have painted faces. The dolls have a devoted collector following. Annalee dolls have been made for every holiday, season, occupation, special event and festive occasion you can think of (almost.)

At the height of their popularity the Annalee company had more than 300 employees at their large facility in Meredith, New Hampshire, but currently there are around 30 and manufacturing is outsourced. Their website is at