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Antique German Kley & Hahn doll with leather body

Antique German Kley & Hahn doll with leather body

Antique German Kley & Hahn doll with leather body. This antique German doll is a child-size sweetheart made by Kley & Hahn dolls. Kley and Hahn were in business from 1895 to 1931. She is marked on the back of her neck: KH, 1600, and 3 1/2. The doll, her head pate and her human hair wig all appear to be original and antique. The kid leather shoes are also very old but I don't know if they were hers because they're a bit large. She is 29 inches tall. I call her Princess Vicky. She has a stuffed kid leather body (filled with sawdust) and with arms and lower legs made of compo or papier-mache: I'm not sure what these antique dolls were constructed of. The head has exceptionally nice rosy color. The medium golden blonde original wig is beautiful and so are her big brown eyes.

FLAWS: she does leak a little sawdust from one of the hip joints but I couldn't find where it was coming from exactly. Probably from the hip pin, which would be normal. She's very well stuffed: she's not flabby from loss of stuffings. I checked the hip pin and the hip joints: they are tight and secure. But there is a bit of sawdust coming from the tiny hole where the pin goes through.

The body does show some wear and evidence of age, but overall this doll is in remarkable condition. She has all her fingers. Her strings are good. Eyes are beautiful. The kid leather is in good shape. She has her original human hair wig, which has been washed and set so it's like new; and it's a beautiful medium golden blonde color. She has her original wig pate. The shoes are kid leather.

THE OUTFIT. The doll's outfit is a reproduction. It is probably vintage in it's own right. I cleaned it and replaced lace and doodads that had gone bad. It is made of pale blue heavy taffeta which is somewhat faded in places but the fabric is still in good condition. The dress and jacket are lined. The elaborate bonnet has flowers, ribbons, pearls and even a little bluebird.

Princess Vicky is more than 100 years old and she is beautiful. This doll is clean, lovely and ready for display.